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Commercial Helicopter Transportation

Aberdeen Helicopters serves a large and diverse number of clients, each with unique needs.

We can respond rapidly to any situation by employing only the best in the business, both on the ground and in the air. Aberdeen Helicopters boasts a safety record second to none in the industry.

Firefighting, forestry, mountain climbing, back-country hiking, skiing, fishing, wilderness photography, mining exploration, aerial construction and on location filming are areas in which Aberdeen Helicopters excels. As well we have experience in power line maintenance, including landing on the towers. We pride ourselves in offering YOU, the customer, the safest and most efficient service available.

Aberdeen Helicopters is equipped to handle any task. Each aircraft has Medevac capability, shoulder harnesses, GPS and intercom systems, multi-radio capabilities and other specialized equipment. Sling gear, cargo nets, and other under-slung devices are readily available for virtually every need. The company has access to a complete inventory of under slung support equipment ready for immediate deployment including Bambi firefighting buckets, drip torches, long line hook assemblies, carousels, fertilizing and seeding buckets, cone rakes, grapples as well as specialty camera mounts for professional quality film making.

Satellite tracking systems provide Aberdeen Helicopters staff with real-time monitoring of our helicopters location, enhancing peace of mind and improving safety, especially in remote areas. Our staff can view the location, track and status of their entire fleet under any circumstances. Satellite phones add to our efficiency and safety by delivering high quality voice communications with head office and other important personnel.

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